Princesa de Portugal

Inveritable talent Portuguese designer Sandro Barros created this exquisite one of a kind princess gown for Camila Setúbal, daughter of Olavo Setúbal of São Paulo, Brazil. This is the answer to a question that has brides-to-be posting furiously to wedding forums, Pinterest and Facebook desperately trying to locate the designer of this gown.  Fully-removable top is made of a delicate and beautiful Alençon lace, bodice and double box pleat skirt are constructed of exquisite Italian silk satin skirt adorned with Alençon applique and the veil is the most exquisite I have ever seen, handmade at his [Barros’] atelier. Beautiful. Enjoy xo.








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May I just say, this veil is so beautiful; every piece lovingly hand stitched by the atelier [Sandro Barros]. An heirloom veil if ever I did see one. A true work of art.

Loveisabella xo

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