French Country Living

Inspired by the stunning homes of Provence, French Country design often incorporates ruffles, distressed woodwork with both vibrant and subdued hues. It’s an unstudied, collected approach, built on firmly entrenched local traditions and on cherished objects handed down through generations. Simple and sincere yet effortlessly elegant, it satisfies the soul as much as the eye.

The French have an innate sense of taste balanced with refinement that keeps this unassuming style from feeling pedestrian. French country décor always finds its centre no matter how many disparate elements are thrown into the mix. It marries an old-world sensibility with an edge of sophistication that keeps it enduring and fresh.

{French Country Inspired Home Office Space – A warm natural palette, crisp linens and several well chosen vintage provençal pieces bring quiet inspiration to this workspace. I love the window seat.}
{With the perfect distressed effect and a neutral wood exterior, this simple chair and ottoman can fit right into any French country theme}
{via Dreamy Whites}
{This French style dining area includes an antique or two, painted furniture and a simple, delicate crystal and iron chandelier adding a touch of elegance to a rustic space.}

{A calm but cozy living room with an overstuffed slip covered chair, cable knit blanket and blazing wood stove. Distressed Provençal-style pieces set about a warm neutral colour palette create an inviting space.}

french country sideboard

{I love this simple sideboard set against the beautifully detailed white washed walls with original herringbone hardwood flooring…blooms reminiscent of France…Lavender and Hydrangea. }

french country sinkAnd this…this is amazing…{via ~}

Vintage Linens…


vintage linen and lace

“Antique French linens, lace and fabric of the superb quality and outstanding craftsmanship which are the hallmarks of European tradition”.  Fleur d’Andeol.

Since deciding to do this post, I have been doing my research on antique linens. Whether from France, England, Italy or Spain, linens (and lace) were extremely significant as well as symbolic. The French nobility displayed their stature in a variety of ways, not the least of which were the emblems embroidered on clothing and household linens. Linens, especially bed linens, almost always boar the initials of the family to which they belonged. I appreciate beautiful linens, whether they are bonafide  vintage or vintage inspired  from beautiful shops such as , I would love to have an expansive collection. (My collection is comprised of 4 dinner napkins and truth be told, I actually do not use them however, I love to launder them and iron them every now and then!).

ThePaperMulberryFirstBlushSpring5{Vintage inspired French linens from Peony & Sage} – Beautiful!


{Actual vintage French linens from Maria’s (of Dreamy Whites} personal collection} of course, très belle.


{via a Paper Mulberry ~ I just had to include this antique daybed from France ~ I think it’s so lovely}


{and this from Petite Michelle Louise}


I enjoyed putting this post together so much…I came across so many lovely images and a wealth of information…I found it very difficult to say, OK – it’s done…publish!! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

xo Loveisabella

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