Pale Neutrals & White Redux

Soft quiet palette…dreamy whites and neutrals…pale pinks. Lovely randomness; I believe that is the theme of my post. xo

{Scalloped Hem via Tumblr}

{Vintage Frocks & Pinafores via Tumblr}

{Warm & Fuzzy Neutrals ♥ via Dreamy Whites}

{Scalloped Lace via Tumblr}

{Lovely Lace via Tumblr}

{Lace & Linen via Tumblr}

{Fishtail Braid via Dreamy Whites}

{Antique White Silk & Pale J Brand Denim in “Makeup” Adorable!}

{Neutrals & Lace via Loveisabella}

{Sweet Things via Tumblr}

{Neutral Nails – Essie via Tumblr}

{Gorgeous Bedroom via Tumblr}

{Vintage Lace via Pinterest}

Loveisabella xo


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