Sweet Dreams in Bella Notte Linens

I have to say that I LOVE my Bella Notte bed; it’s somewhat stately, luxuriously cozy and unapologetically feminine.  Okay, according to my husband, it’s perhaps a bit on the demure side however, aside from how beautifully detailed the pieces are, from the whisper like bed skirt, the ultra-feminine ruffles to the thoughtful stitching on every last piece they are relatively easy to care for. (Gentle Cycle on my washing machine with Dream Care). I’m positive you could use Woolite or Tide Gentle Care to produce great results however, I love the smell of the Dream Care wash which is actually for lingerie! This bedding is appropriate for little ones who want to snuggle in with their mom’s in the morning as well as our little one, Elle our cockapoo, who utilizes her 33.33% of our bed. (Sometimes we can’t understand how such a little dog can stretch out at such an angle as to make my husband and I sleep around her??)

Sweet Dreams ♥

xo Loveisabella

To shop this gorgeous line, visit:

http://www.bellanottelinens.com/  http://www.laylagrayce.com/Departments/Shop-by-Brand/Bella-Notte.aspx

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