Laure de Sagazan

Simply Gorgeous! Laure de Sagazan’s bridal campaign, poetically photographed by Laurent Nivalle, provides irrefutable evidence that the French get fashion; and they get it right. Upon graduating from the University of Lille in France, Laure began her career designing for the ultra-hip French boutique ,she cut her teeth in this trendy Parisian fashion house, discovering the desires of young women today: a bit of edge, bit of rock n’roll while maintaining sartorial elegance

Her segue into bridal was the result of a request from a friend for a bespoke wedding gown. From that gown, an entire collection followed. This talented Parisian designer brings a breath of fresh air to the wedding industry with an effortless style that mixes breezy bohemian, a rock n roll edge and sleek sophistication.

There’s an unpolished elegance to the collection featuring fluid silks, pleated skirts,  delicate french lace and her signature structured separates.

“When writing the story of your life, don’t let someone else hold the pen.”

Loveisabella xo

40, rue du Faubourg Montmartre,
75009 PARIS – By appointment – Beaucoup d’amour et grâce Lawrence Nivalle for the poetry of his photos.

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