Florals for a Vintage Inspired Tea, Maui Nuptials & The English Countryside

I was curious as to what my fave floralista Karen Tran had been up to and no surprise; she’s rocking out fabulous florals like no one else. She’s just got it; her innate ability to tell your wedding day story with fresh cut flowers, foliage and ornamental grasses makes her a true artist with a beautiful imagination and precision execution!

{Maui Wedding at Four Seasons ~ Photographed beautifully by Evonne & Darren Wong}

{So beyond beautiful ~ exquisite details! ~ Photo Credit: Pam Scott ~ photographic genius girl~}

{Maui ~ distressed & delicate, so lovely!~Photo Credit: Joseph Matthew

{Dream Realized in Napa Valley ~ Photo Credit: Joseph Matthew}

{Vintage Inspired Tea Themed Wedding ~ Photo Credit: Joseph Matthew}

{Vintage Tea Container ~ Adorable!! ~ Photo Credit: Joseph Matthew}

{Oh, the creamy rose and the delicate china ~ I am in love! ~ Photo Credit: Joseph Matthew}

{Vintage Inspired Bridal Bouquet ~ Photo Credit: Joseph Matthew}

{Lace over Burlap & Antique Silver  ~ English Countryside ~ Photo Credit: Joseph Matthew}

{Pink Champagne & Etched Antique Flutes ~ Photo Credit: Joseph Matthew}

Loveisabella xo

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