Each time I have gone to the ballet, I get so excited to experience that intangible sparkly feeling in the air of something beautiful about to unfold; like opening night, Christmas Eve or of course, the way a girl feels on her wedding day. The ballet embodies such loveliness; the orchestra, the ethereal gossamer costumes and the fluidity of the dancers.

The romantic appeal of the ballet can certainly be carried into a beautifully executed wedding of this theme. The special feeling a bride holds in her heart on her wedding day would be like {I imagine} the way the principal dancer of an enchanting production feels on opening night.

{via Scarlet Ibis}

{via Tumblr}

{via Dreamy Whites}

{Blush Pink Rose via The Buttercup Fairy}

{Jeweled Garland Bracelet Rosy Peach ~ J.Crew}

{Vogue September 2004 ~ Gisele Bündchen}

{via The Lane}

{Ballet Slippers via Glitter Weddings}

{Hand beaded Shell and…

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