Julie & Jason ~ Photographed by Jose Villa

I have seen these photos on other blogs however, they are so lovely, I had to post them on mine. 3 of my favorite wedding elements are well documented in this photo story; a 2 dress bride {love that; especially when the formal is Vera Wang and the following is Claire Pettibone}, a beautiful SoCal location and lastly and lovely,  über talented Jose Villa to capture it all through his magical lens. Enjoy!

{Love her bouquet of fluffy cabbage roses ~ it suits her gossamer Diana gown beautifully}

{I love the juxtaposition between the rough & the refined}

{Everything about this wedding is pretty & delicate ~ I love the lavender next to the pink stationery}

{Unmistakable Femininity of Claire Pettibone}

{This Claire Pettibone gown is so beautiful!}

{Being the proud mom of a cockapoo myself, I love the idea of inviting your fuzzy bff to the wedding}

{Beyond words}

{….and again}

{Amazing Tablescape}

{Pink Confection Perfection}


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