Granny Chic

“Without foundation, there can be no fashion.” Christian Dior. This quote from Dior is said to be in reference to foundation garments such as corsets.

{The Mitford Sisters}

{ Exquisitely Groomed Wallis Simpson}

{Wallis Simpson & King Edward VIII ~ who abdicated the throne for her}

Today, Granny Chic refers to a rather disheveled, casual manner of dress when 14 years ago, according to an article I read in Vanity Fair, GC referred to the exact opposite. The article, entitled, “Granny Chic”, described the Art of Dressing and focused on fashion circa 1940. I loved the thought of that GC so much; dressing carefully and thoughtfully; it was the perfect “chic” for me at that time.

While working at a large Oil & Gas Co. in the late 90’s, I was preparing to attend my first bona-fide business cocktail reception. This was my first “real” job after university and for the occasion,  I purchased my first investment pieces. A tailored black wool suit from Theory, a silk print scarf  and lovely “foundation” garments including stockings!. {Holt Renfrew}

I felt so feminine and perfectly put together. So, if you prefer this interpretation of Granny Chic, which in VF’s opinion referred to a time when women were feminine, quietly powerful {remember the stockings and pearls}; try it! Think immaculately tailored suits, tweeds, wools and stockings finished with unobtrusive styling. Think of Dior clad Carol Petrie, the alluring Wallis Simpson or The Mitford Sisters}.

xo Loveisabella

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