Fields of Romance

Escape to the rolling countryside on your wedding day in soft, romantic hues for a look that exudes pure romance.  Play with texture and add drama to your gown with whimsical layers of tulle, vintage lace and delicate embellishment. The images from this bridal fashion editorial have a dreamy ethereal feel throughout. I love this post so  much!

{Alex Perry Couture}

{Leonard Derecourt, Graise}

{Susy O’Rourke Enchantment Collection, Cream Rose with Leaves}

{Kristi Bonnici Hand in Hand Cathedral Veil}

{Kristi Bonnici Look of Love Camelia Haircomb}

{Collette Dinnigan SS11, Lace & Ruffles Sleeveless Shift Dress}

LANE Fashion Editorial

Photography: Lauren Ross

Styling: Karissa Fanning/LANE Event Styling

Hair & Makeup: Becca Gilmartin

Model: Alex Long, Chic Management

Gowns: Alex Perry, Collette Dinnigan, Leonard Derecourt

Veil: Kristi Bonnici

Bridal Milinery: Kristi Bonnici, Suzy O’Rourke

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