Sunday Morning Inspiration

Sunday mornings are lovely; my husband and I drink coffee, have brunch and read newspapers. I try and manage the task of tackling my email which can be daunting. I feel lately that they are articles in magazines I mean to read, books with a mark placed between perhaps pages 20 and 21 and beautiful images I’ve discovered and loved over the week which end up sitting in folders on my laptop. I need to work on getting organized but I know exactly what keeps me inspired!

This weekends’ post, doesn’t really have a theme or necessarily a point even. Unless just random loveliness is a point of view. If so, please enjoy. xo

Soft and Delicate Colour Palette, Lovely Layers

Cozy Pink Pyjamas from BHLD

3 Days in Paris

Ethereal and Delicate

Prim and Pretty

 Elegant, messy bun, exquitiste earrings

 Chloé  Italian Leather Bag and Shoes

Natural Beauty


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