Bridal & Fashionista Millinery

I am absolutely loving headbands, fascinators, hats and cage veils. It seems only natural for fashionistas to adorn their hair and may I say, I am in all kinds of love with brides who are choosing headbands a la Jennifer Behr and of course fascinators and hats made with love by Blair Nadeau.

Of course as you will notice in earlier posts, one of my favourite designers is Jennifer Behr. Her looks have been a couture blessing for not only fashion forward brides but celebs like Natalie Portman and Keira Knightly, and the Gossip Girls’. That said, these are from Jennifer Behr’s latest collections along with some classic pieces that I absolutely j’adore!

Enjoy xo

Double Crystal Scallop Headwrap
shown in crystal antique gold

1″ wide double crystal scallop headwrap features Swarovski crystals shaped into an intricate scalloped pattern. Finished at back with elastic for a perfectly comfortable fit. $262

Double Poppy with Veiling
shown in cream patent

Two beautiful patent leather poppies, one 6″ in diameter, the other 4″ in diameter, nestle together, above and in front of the ear, on a skinny headband. Finished with matching French veiling at front. Each petal is individually wired to allow delicate custom arrangement once on.

Voilette with Scattered Crystals
shown in nude

Tiny Swarovski crystals scattered across French veiling and hand-stitched to a silk wrapped skinny headband. This piece was created to astound and amaze, which is just what it does.

Above, Jennifer Behr,

Blair Nadeau Millinery is located in a beautiful bright loft in Toronto, Ontario  They pride themselves in designing a high quality piece of hair art, with each piece being made exclusively by the designer herself. All Millinery materials and feathers are imported from the best suppliers and hand chosen for perfection.

Above, Blair Nadeau,

3 thoughts on “Bridal & Fashionista Millinery

  1. hi!
    Thank you so much for featuring us on your blog, especially amongst the likes of Jennifer Behr, that is so lovely!

    would love to chat millinery with you any time you wish!

  2. It was my pleasure! Your work is truly amazing. I love that your designs are edgy while remaining completely feminine. Millinery is definitely taking it’s place among fashionistas’ as well as brides which I luuuuuve! Thank you!

    Loveisabella xo

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