Cake Opera Co. – Alexandria Pellegrino & Jessica Smith

If you love baking and cooking competitions, I recommend tuning into Slice’s new series, “Cake Walk”. It lacks the lustre of Ultimate Cake Off (sorry Caroline) but what makes it cool to watch is Alexandria Pellegrino of Cake Opera Co.

I love that she is a fashionista through and through. She is FABULOUS! She can be brutally honest with the contestants and perhaps is a little critical at times, HOWEVER, she has the goods to back it up.

She is half of the ultra-chic duo that is Cake Opera Co. I read an interview about her during which she explained how she came up with the name Cake Opera. The word “opera” translates into “opus” meaning life’s work. Coming from a background in Fine Arts, Alexandria designs some of the most amazing cakes and pastries I have ever seen. I would say her creations are similar to the fine garments created in an atelier in Paris. She is the Coco Chanel of the pastry industry. I have marvelled at  Marie Antoinette inspired cakes and the fine handwork is absolutely unlike anything I have ever seen in the cake world.

Some of her A-mazing creations:

Look at the fine hand work, her face looks like a fine porcelain doll. The ruffles of the petticoat look like fabric rather than fondant. I could stare at this for hours. Completely amazing.

This piece reminds of the masks at the Venice Carnevale. I wonder if that was her inspiration? Perhaps one day I will have the opportunity to ask her!

This is incredible, the quilted pattern is perfectly symmetrical, the colour palette, the realism she can accomplish is so beautiful, so skillful.

If you are a bride and live in the GTA, (or if you are like Nicole Ritchie and can fly these talented ladies to meet with you), go see her. I believe her cakes start at $300.00 and go up from there. I would imagine a labour intensive cake such as the examples above are quite expensive however, I believe your guests would talk about your cake for years to come.

Note: Cake Opera Co. also creates a variety of beautiful special macaroons, “petite gateaux” (cupcakes) and would certainly be capable of designing a breathtaking sweet table. I encourage you to visit their website, Cake Opera Co., and if you are like me, you will be beguiled by the attention to every little detail, the beauty of her work and the elegant and completely hip website.

Cake Opera Co.

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