The Doctor’s Closet

As I am thinking of styleboards, a certain blogger comes to mind who has impeccable style and taste. Monika of “The Doctor’s Closet”, is in a word, flawless. She is almost perfect! (Yikes!) She is beautiful, smart (she actually is an M.D.) and her level of taste and knack for putting things together keeps me in love with her blog. I urge you to check out her blog at Her blog is sparkly and girly and completely wonderful. I ♥ ♥ ♥ her! I would like to share some of the outfits she has pulled together!

Natural Beauty


1. Necklace, 2. Dress, 3. Earrings Elsa Corsi, 4. Cuff, Elsa Corsi, 5. Shoes Nordstrom .

Royal Blue

1. Clutch- BlushBridal 2. Dress- BlushBridal 3. Earrings-Elsa Corsi 4. Bracelet –Elsa Corsi 5. Shoes-Steve Madden

Pretty in Pink

1. Bracelet- Elsa Corsi at BlushBridal 2. Dress- BlushBridal 3. Clutch- BlushBridal 4. Earrings-Elsa Corsi 5. Shoes- Report Signature


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