Precious Baby

I came across a website several months back ( and stumbled onto the most precious sweet baby linens and bassinets I had ever laid eyes on.  The scent of baby powder seemed to fill the room and I felt that inexplicable magic of holding a tiny treasure in your arms and the scent of a baby doesn’t only fill your  senses, it fills your heart. I hope you can feel it in your heart as well. For baby girls ♥ ♥ ♥….

Lulla Smith Bassinet & Angel Baby Dupioni Silk Bedding

And for baby boys ♥ ♥ ♥…

This absolutely beautiful collection from Lulla Smith is a collection of exquisite couture baby linens from a design studio in a village on the coast of Maine. Baby linens crafted from the most luxurious cottons and silks, each piece hand-cut and hand-stitched and held to the very highest standard. Precious, sweet and fills your heart with the joy and excitement!


Luxe Cream Satin Pink Baby Bedding by Little Giraffe

So precious! Beautiful and practical, these cozy little luxuries are constructed of natural fibers and wash beautifully. You can find this collection online at, as well as Nordstroms.


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